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For real parmesan cheese go to Wisconsin

Here is a new chapter in the eternal “what is authentic local food” debate. The Italian professor Alberto Grandi of Parma, has claimed that “the the only place in the world to find bona fide parmesan cheese nowadays is Wisconsin.”

He has other unpopular claims about the history of pizza, tiramisu, carbonara and tortelli fillings.

You can read the article in the Guardian here.

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I didn’t look at the link, but your post made me laugh out loud!

I still remember the time my husband & I experienced a wonderful afternoon cheese, meat, balsamic vinegar generous taste testing for two at our Parma hotel. We saw the plate of Parmesan cheese and wondered how we would eat all of it! Yum, no problem! : )

When I returned to Parma last year, I ordered the small plate of Parmesan cheese as one of the dishes. They served it with balsamic vinegar and also honey. Again, wondered how I would finish it. Halfway through, I was smiling that I didn’t have to share it!

I grew up in Iowa and don’t remember any Wisconsin cheese that compared.

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There are a lot of people in the world who just like to stir up . . . .