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Ecuador Water

Hello everyone,

My husband and son are off to Ecuador for a mission trip and wrestling tournament and I'm a little concerned about the water. What are the thoughts about getting them a water filtration bottle? and what kind if I do.

Thanks in advanced for your input.


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Filtration does nothing significant. If he needs anything, it will be a purification system.

The people sponsoring the trip will be the ultimate source of information. Urban Ecuadorian water is uniformly potable. This might not be the case in the outback.

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Erica whoever organized your mission trip and wrestling tournament has been derelict if they have not prepared to answer this question. Here is what CDC advises for Ecuador:

Drink Bottled water that is sealed Water that has been disinfected Ice made with bottled or disinfected water Carbonated drinks Hot
coffee or tea Pasteurized milk
Don’t Drink Tap or well water Ice made with tap or well water Drinks made with tap or well water (such as reconstituted juice)
Unpasteurized milk

So basically filtration is not enough: water needs to be disinfected.

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Brain shutdown. Had a picture of Chile.

Don't drink the water in Ecuador, not even in Quito. It and Peru both have really bad problems.

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In other places where tap water should not be drunk, like Morocco, bottled water, soda, hot (boiled) tea, etc. are all available wherever a tourist might go. Milk, juice, and beer, too. If you're hosted be someone who can't afford bottled drinks, hot tea or coffee is a cheap alternative.