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Decaf coffee in Germany/France

I'm taking my 82-year-old mom to Germany and France at the end of this month so she can visit the towns in BW and Alsace where her ancestors came from. She has some dietary restrictions, one of them being no caffeine. Do cafes/restaurants in Southern Germany and in France offer decaf coffee as an option?

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Decaffeinated coffee may be "instant" coffee not fresh brewed.

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My experience with decaf coffee was only in Germany. It was instant coffee and it was awful.

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You may want to consider bringing your own, like the Starbucks Via instant coffee. At least you'll know what you're getting :-| This may be awkward in cafes, but you can certainly use them in your room or in a breakfast room (there's usually a pot or dispenser with hot water for tea available).

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It was served whenever I asked for it, but you can't really tell by looking so who knows? BTW, I think Nescafe is primarily a European brand so as noted elsewhere, pick up a little bottle and carry with you or get those foil straws full of coffee. Tasters Choice does it, Starbucks does it. Safest thing is to probably just order herbal tea instead of coffee.

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Nescafe is an international brand. We have had it in India and Philippines.

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Entkoffeinert in Germany. And just in case you decide to buy coffee in a grocery store, beware... unlike in the US, the green packaging does NOT mean decaf.

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For a decaf in France, you just ask for "un day-kah". I've never been served instant coffee in a cafe or restaurant. It's usually decaffeinated espresso. However, I can't vouch for what's in the pitchers in a hotel breakfast room because I go full force triple espresso and milk in the morning, but I'd be surprised if it's instant coffee. If you do pick up your own instant, try Carte Noir, a notch above the others (though it's probably owned by Nestle or Kraft by now).

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Thank you, all, for taking the time to reply. I appreciate the info and advice (and knowing the correct term for decaf in French and German).


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Kaffee HAG. Same as Sanka. Well, not exactly, but both decaffeinated. Both owned by Kraft or whatever it is calling itself now.