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Daily food budget for 2015

We traveled all around Europe in 2012 and our daily food budget for 2 was roughly €50 (€10/breakfast + €10/lunch + €20/dinner).

We are going back this year and we are wanting to get a rough estimate of our food budget in 2015 as expenses have gone up in the last 3 years...

Anyone traveled there lately?

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Where you were going and how you like to travel are both important in determining the cost of eating. You may want to provide some more information.

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Where is "there"?

Makes all the difference.

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€50 is inadequate for Switzerland, Vienna or London, and excessive for Portugal or Greece.
Also depends how you want to eat. Picnics from Supermarkets and local street food are obviously cheaper than sit down waiter service restaurants.

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A lot depends on which countries you are going to and the kind of eating you prefer to do. We are in Europe more than we are at home in the USA and prices have gone up on everything in Europe,including food. Do you like fine dining, casual dining, fast food, or picnics? My family apparently spends more than yours did on meals though we don't care for fine dining where you get a tiny plop of food and a big bill. We also go in for snacks. There are different prices in different countries. All are higher in 2015 than in 2012.

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Our average cost for two people for meals (restaurants & grocery stores) per day for two weeks in Switzerland & Italy last Sept. was $65. Depending on what you're drinking with dinner, that price will go up quickly.

All of our breakfasts were included in our hotel cost in both countries. Half of our lunches were inexpensive - picking up something in a grocery store, i.e. roll & sandwich meat or yogurt, veggies & fruit, and water or ice tea.

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Since the dollar is at least 15% stronger than your last time, you should be able to get by with less.

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Uhm, the OP's have never revisited to tell us where they are going?
I would think that could make just a bit of difference in the recommended budget for food. Non?

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Lol, sorry guys. We are crazy travelers. We are going all over the place this time we are doing: France, Brussels, Wien, Poland, Bucurest, Budapest, Milan, Spain, Lisban.
For the countries that I mentioned we are doing multiple stops...
We are thrifty, but we eat healthy.
We only do B&Bs, so we try to go to the one that include breakfast.
For lunch we make sandwiches, stop at outside markets... and for dinner we ask locals for the "speciality" of their country/city. That is our treat and our chance to immerse ourselves in the culture.

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Ah, nice to see you back.
Based on your last post:
As a rule of thumb, food will be more in France, less in Eastern Europe.
It will be more costly in cities and less costly in the country, as a rule of thumb only.
A huge difference will be made depending on where you choose to eat dinner.
The food budget is one place where you can have more control, but it all depends on the decisions you make about where you will eat and what.
And so it is difficult for us to throw out numbers with respect to costs.