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Cooking Schools

I spent a couple of weeks in Morocco at a couple of cooking schools. I think learning about people's food gets you closer to their culture. It also is great fun to cook along side other enthusiasts. Does anyone have recommendations for any European cooking schools? I am especially interested in France, Italy or Spain.

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I love cooking classes when traveling! I too have taken such classes in Morocco- at Magical Morocco and at Authentic Marrakech. Here are three links I keep on my bookmarks bar because I have taken some of the courses and plan to take more:

(1) For cooking classes in Italy -
(2) For cooking classes in France-

(3) For cooking classes in Spain-

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I took a great class in Barcelona through Viator. Not only did the teacher assist us with making our lunch, she helped us with knife skills and taught us how to properly examine produce. I was the only American in the class, which was also very cool. I learned a lot about life in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia that day.

I took a sushi making class in Tokyo which was also great but my sushi roll fell apart like I was Charlie Brown. Not as easy to make as it might seem!

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Two years ago in Florence, we did a class with Manuela ( I highly recommend this for a one-day, authentic experience. It is limited in size (there were two other couples) and everything is done right in Manuela's Kitchen. Nona (Manuela's mom) even came in and "supervised." Manuela is a great host (good conversation, good teaching, good wine!) and the meal we created was delicious if I may say so. It was a great experience, and to this day we keep in touch via her Facebook page.

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My husband and I do this every where we go. We had an amazing experience in Bali when we hiked through the clove forests in the mountain to reach our lesson. In Rome, we spent a day [Cooking with Andrea][1] and those recipes are still regulars at our table back home!

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We have attended cooking classes in Paris, Lake Como and Rome. Although all were different, all were wonderful.

Paris: We did the morning market class with Chef Constance. She met us at the metro stop and took us on a tour of the local markets, purchasing the supplies for our meal. There were only 5 in our class (I think 6 is the norm) and we each participated in the preparation and cooking of the delicious meal. We highly recommend this class!

Lake Como: This class is mainly demonstration with a bit of hands-on participation. Chef Moreno is delightful, is a good teacher, and provides delicious snacks along with the lessons and tasting of the dishes prepared. We loved our day there.

Rome: Chef Andrea offers a hands-on class where you will prepare a 4-course meal. Lots of fun and a delicious lunch along with the lessons. Another great day of good memories.