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Chicken blood in Damme

My son and I recently returned from a trip to Brussels, Bruges, and Amsterdam. On our second day in Bruges, we rented bikes and followed Rick's guide for a bike ride to the nearby town of Damme. Once in Damme, we were approached by several guys with a camera, microphone, and plate of some sort of what looked like meat. What ensued was a "man on the street" type of interview where we were invited to sample the mystery meat. After trying it and agreeing that it was pretty good, it was revealed that it was chicken blood! Apparently, the local towns were having a contest that involved having people sample the local specialties. I hate to admit it, but it was actually pretty good, although not as good as the fries and waffles we enjoyed for most of our trip.

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You brave souls.. I am pretty open to things.. but mystery meat in Europe.. lol careful!

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If it was blood sausage, that's a fairly common dish. They sell it in most supermarkets, although I don't know what animal it comes from.

Speaking of mystery meat... that pretty much describes most of the various meats that frituurs sell (it's not just about the fries). They're pretty much all delicious, although I don't exactly eat them for the health considerations.