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Bringing snacks like protein bars

Hi - are there any issues with bringing protein bars or the like with us from the US? I want to make sure I have ready snacks for kids while traveling. Are those kinds of snacks readily available in markets in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Venice and Rome?

Thank you.

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Yes you can put that in your carryon or checked bag and for the sake of not having too much stuff to carry on the way you can easily buy stuff like that over there as well; you will be surprised it is the same stuff here as over there; you might need to look up the words on Google translate for protein bar in the language of the country. Or if you have a guide book they usually have a glossary for food items. My favorite grocery store over there that you might see in France and Spain is Carrefour. When you get to your lodging Google "grocery stores by me" and you will see where to go.

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My favorite are single serving pouches of peanut butter! They are basically flat, can't leak, and I stuff them in all the gaps in my 3-1-1 bag ( since I guess they could be a "gel"? and I do carry on only). You can find bananas almost anywhere, or squirt on it on whatever, for a dose of protein. Unless they are super picky eaters, though, trying the local brands along your way is a great learning experience.

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The biggest hassle will likely be on the US departure side since the TSA is declaring intermittent wars on food and it's best to assume you've got a good chance of getting sent to secondary screening to reassure them your Clif Bars are not dangerous. Compared to the USA, Australia, and the like, the EU is impressively indifferent to packed food brought into the country for personal consumption.

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No issues with bringing them except for space and weight. My recommendation - stick a few in your carry on bag for the flight and them make a point to visit a local grocery store in each city and see what the kids discover!!!

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As mentioned, we recently discovered the small pouches of peanut butter & almond butter. Packs well. Great for a quick protein snack!

While in Barcelona we frequented La Boqueria Market for nuts and dried fruit.

Don't miss the great grocery store in the basement of El Corte Ingles Department Store. Go to the top of the store for a great view of the city and an inexpensive meal from one of the food stands.

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Save yourself some weight and expand your kids horizons. Take what you need for the plane and that’s it. Start eating like you live there when you arrive. They do eat in Europe you know!

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I always travel with a few pre-packaged protein bars whenever I'm flying anywhere. I've read several articles about the TSA wanting to do a secondary inspection on snacks, so you might want to put all of your food items together in a single ziplock bag for ease when you go through security. (PreCheck still seems to be exempt on this one, but that only works if the PreCheck line is open.)

I've also found some wonderful things in shops and markets all over Europe. I totally understand wanting to have a familiar taste along for the kids, but you may be surprised at what you can find once you arrive!

Have a great trip!

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Nutella. Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Crackers (biscuits)

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You will need to look in supermarkets, not markets for these products. In the UK, there are dozens of protein bar options.

Venice doesn’t have much in the way of supermarket provision, although I do recall visiting one small store there.

In cities, the supermarkets are smaller, as rents are high, so many stores will not carry their full range of products. You should still find protein bars. In London, an expensive option would be Whole Foods.

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I've flown from Canada, but never had an issue taking granola bars or Clif bars in my carry on. I like to have something in my day bag, because - as my husband would tell you - a hungry Nicole is a cranky Nicole.

On the flip side - I do like going into supermarkets when we're away - it's neat to see what they may have that is different - though with the crappy exchange rate (for us Canadians) - those snacks are a lot more pricey over there. I know it's pennies in the grand scheme of a trip, but those are my pennies. :)

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While you are in the UK try Kendal Mint Cake. Yes, it is only made in Kendal. Yes it has mint. Oh my, it has mint. Not a cake though.

Then again you may well need a box of it to take home.

Particularly powerful if hiking, caving or climbing.

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We stayed in an apartment in Venice for two weeks and also in London, Amsterdam; there are grocery stores. We shopped at several of them in each city.

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In Austria, protein bars and other granola and four bars are readily available at all grocery stores. Heck, we even stock Clif bars and Nature Valley granola bars, but the Austrian ones are better. Peanut butter is at all grocery stores too.

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I bring a few Lara and BelVita bars, always keep one in my purse and they have saved me a couple of times when no other snack was to be found, also good for breakfast if I have a ridiculously early start and no chance for a proper meal for hours. While you can buy similar bars overseas I like to be prepared with something I know I like.