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Food Allergies

My husband and I are interested in your Village Italy for 14 days tour and notice it's focus is on food and wine. Would it be possible to enjoy the trip itinerary with gluten and dairy allergies? Thank You!

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We've had lots of folks with food allergies and dietary restrictions take our tours. Most travelers do just fine with some flexibility and a willingness to supplement if needed. If you have any dietary restrictions, be sure to list them in your Customer Account (access to which you will receive after you book a tour) in the medical section and review your restrictions with your guide on the first day of your tour. Guides can usually arrange group dinners to accommodate most allergies/restrictions. Since breakfast choices are often limited, you may find it helpful to supplement with items from nearby grocers. Guides and hotels can assist you in finding shops handiest to your lodgings. While we cannot be responsible for meals you take on your own, we're happy to help translate a few phrases to help you dine comfortably and safely when you are on your own.

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I am a celiac and must eat gluten free. I took the Village Italy tour a few years ago, it was easy to be gluten free. RS sends some "paperwork" to submit after you sign up, where I indicated I was GF and I spoke with the guide at our first meeting. The guide went out of her way to ensure I was GF.

Italy is very gluten aware. I was able to find some natural stores through google before I left. Coop and Billa are chains of grocery stores that should have a gluten free section, just ask. Also, in every pharmacy, they will have some "pricy" gf items. Schar is a great brand of gf bread, I do not know if it is dairy free.

I usually bring some crackers and granola like bars to start the trip with and to supplement plane food.

The Village Italy tour is wonderful.

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I am vegan and had no problem with getting meals in Italy on my recent Best of Europe and on a prior Heart of Italy tour. My extremely wonderful guides made sure I was taken care of. In fact in Venice they brought the uncooked pasta out for the guide to look at and it was gluten free as well as vegan.

I did print off phrases in each language requesting no animal products which you can do for gluten free as well. This will help you when you are on your own.

I also suggest you talk with your guide right after your first meeting to let them know your needs.

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I took a RS tour a few year ago( it was the Europe in 14 days) which we did spend time in Italy.
We had a lady and her dd who were both celiac and complelty gluten free. They brought some food with them , but were definitely accomadated everywhere we went, and at the agritourismma we stayed inflorence they actually served the ladies gluten free pasta!

So yes, bring some snacks( I think the ladies brought a few things like riceckes and granola bars etc, bit they did not need to relief in their snacks they were just to supplement .