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UPDATE: London Connection going out of business

Just in case any of you who were caught up in the London Connection dissolution mess last year are reading this, the investigator from Utah Division of Consumer Protection emailed me today.

This is a newer investigator for the case, with a new email, so the email ended up in my junk mail folder. So if you also filed a complaint with the UDCP, you might want to check your junk mail and see if you've been contacted as well.

He was requesting more information regarding any refunds we may/may not have received.

If you want more details, feel free to send me a private message

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I'm glad to see it has not completely disappeared.

I was thinking just last night that it had been some time since anybody had posted to that thread. It sounded like everybody had given up and they had won. Glad to see its not.

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I had checked the original thread a few days ago and it had been closed, so a new post was required. Glad to see it hasn't gone away.

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I hadn't thought much about the London Connection fiasco (well, since we received our $$ back from credit card bank last summer) until finding the email from the investigator yesterday....

Based on details in his email, it sounds like the investigation has finally bumped to the top of the investigator's case load.

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Thanks for the update. I never had any dealings with London Connection but am interested in the outcome of the case.