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Taking the Tube from Heathrow to Blackfriars Hotel in London City

Is it possible for 2 seniors to take the tube into London with large luggage bags? Is there a baggage storage section on the train?

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Of course. Define -- large luggage bags -- just how large, how heavy???? Since there are a number of these hotel in London, which one? Ask hotel for nearest Tube stop.

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Thanks for the site info for access.
Most likely, one large and one carry-on.

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Q1) What is the nearest tube station to this hotel?
I searched and found the "Novotel London Blackfriars", is that correct?
Except, when I look on their map, that is not in the city, but on the South Bank, nearest tube Southwark (pronounced "suth-uck")

Q2) How to get from Heathrow airport to Southwark tube station?
Look at the tube map here:
Heathrow (multiple stations) in the lower left, end of the dark blue "Piccadilly Line". Southwark is in square D5/E5, on the grey "Jubillee Line".

1) At Heathrow, go to the tube station for your terminal (follow signs)
2) Buy Oyster Cards (one each), and put some credit on them.
3) Take the dark blue Piccadilly Line to Green Park, then change onto the grey Jubillee Line to Southwark.
4) Then follow the map on the hotel's website.
5) Yes, it is possible for seniors, as long as you can carry or wheel you cases. You will be walking within the tube stations (Green Park and Southwark), and on the surface for a few 100 metres.
6) There is a small place for luggage either side of the doors. Click here for photo. The official luggage space is the grey floor area beside the door. Most people just pile it around their legs, as shown.

The alternative is a pre-booked taxi (known as a "mini-cab" locally). This will be slower and a lot more expensive, but will be door-to-door.

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I'm not sure what you mean by large, but if your luggage truly is large I would urge you to rethink your packing strategy. It is a pain to lug large suitcases around. Have a great trip!

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Book the car hire.

Yes more expensive but you are on vacation so why start off having to deal with negotiating the tube with luggage.

Sometimes budgeting a bit more for peace of mind is worth every shekel.

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Heathrow, Green Park, and Southwark all have elevators, so it's not the problem many tube stations would be with heavy luggage. Expect a long walk between the Piccadilly and Jubilee at Green Park, however.

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Tony... I think you meant in your headline that your hotel was in London.

London City is the name of an airport in East London so when you mentioned London City people here assumed the hotel was near there although Blackfriars isn't near London City.

There there is the City of London that is a small district known as the financial center.

Which hotel are you actually in--give us an address-- and we can give you better directions.

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I appreciate all your comments. I found a taxi service called Onward Travel Solutions. They quoted 41 pounds airport to the hotel. Unless these folks have a bad reputation, I intend to use them.
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