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2 for 1 Days Out Registration Problems

I have entered our address as our hotel in Bath however I continue to get the error of invalid station (Bath) which prevents me from registering. I have also tried our other hotel addresses and related stations with no luck. I am trying to print these vouchers at home (US) prior to the trip but have been unsuccessful at the registration process. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have never used the 2 for 1 offer, so don't know the form. However, it may be worth putting the name of the station down as "Bath Spa" which is the official name. That name distinguishes it from other stations with"Bath" in the tile such as Bathgate and Matlock Bath.

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I tried that as well. I also tried an "incognitor window" in google chrome and tried switching to explorer without any luck

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at the bottom of the address portion of the registration form is a link to say you don't live in the UK. Click that and use your own address if you like.

as far as the station, by the time you have typed 2 or 3 letters, if you go slowly, possible matches come up and you just click the one you want. I think you only get the warning message if you put nothing in. Are you sure that your cursor was in that element?

It doesn't really matter, it is all for marketing.

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To add on to the question from ticiaTX, can you purchase just the Travelcard at a national rail station to qualify for the 2for1 or do you need a rail ticket as well?

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the answers to which ticket is valid and which not was discussed a day or two ago at

Links provided by both myself and Emma on that thread give the answers.

The bottom line is that it depends - depends on what sort of Travelcard you get, and from where, and if you are arriving by train or not, and when.

Bear in mind that the minimum price on a paper travelcard these days is £12 per person, and if you are only using a small amount of travel on a few buses or tubes in zone 1 and 2 that £24 for the Travelcards may or may not make financial sense with the 2-4-1 scheme. You have to do the maths.