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Tivoli--what to do there if you don't like rides

I am wondering about people's experiences at Tivoli and what sorts of things there are to do if you don't plan on taking rides? What food options have people liked there, and is day or evening best, weekday or weekend?

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We went there for dinner and ate at an excellent traditonal Danish restaurant. Skipped the park otherwise even though we had to pay the entrance fee to access the restaurant.

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I agree with Suki, if you dont like rides skip Tivoli, not much to do but a few shops and many restaurants. There are lots of other great place to eat in Cpg.

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I found Tivoli activities (other than rides) to be rather low key and the food choices uninspiring. But my wife was quite taken with several of the entertainment shows. For example, she enjoyed the Tivoli Youth Guard marching band parade and some of the stage shows. We saw a ballet version of Cinderella and a musical presentation that I don't recall much about. If you go to their website you can see the types of entertainment and shows that are scheduled.

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I am an older, solo traveller, and loved Tivoli for its historic context and just mingling with the throngs of families, tourists and crazed World Cup fans on a beautiful July evening last week. I just grabbed something inexpensive to eat from a sort of food hall ( can't imagine actually fine dining here, maybe a hot dog?) and wandered around with ice cream. As inspiration for Walt Disney, I also appreciated the timely advice the designer told the king- if people are having fun, they won't think about night, in the dark, with lights it must be even more magical- I was also surprised by how pretty the landscaping was.

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If you have the Copenhagen Card you may enter free everyday your card is activated. I would suggest going in the evening and attending the water light show. There are also some evening shows you may stop into. Strolling around Tivoli is a nice way to end the day and in our 7 days we ended 3 days at Tivoli.

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We just went and I loved tivoli. We had a drink by the fountain, walked around, i loved the food hall! My kids rode, but I did not (only the den fluff.... something, sorry can’t remember exact name)
But I loved that too! 😀


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We go there just to enjoy the flowers and have a beer - but then I have a Season Pass, so one more visit doesn't cost me.

I like Færgekroen (Ferry Inn). It is often full, but you can have your beer in a plastic glass to take away. There is usually room just outside, with benches where you can look over the lake and people watch. Remember to claim the deposit for your glass in one of the kiosks.

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If you have the Copenhagen Card you may enter free everyday your card is activated.

Wish that were so. Per the Visit Copenhagen website, only 1 entry per attraction per card, regardless of card length.
But glad it worked for you!

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I went many years ago, but it was beautiful at night, the highlight of our time in Copenhagen.