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Tivoli Gardens questions and copenhagen card

Hi all!

We are visiting Copenhagen in July and thinking about getting the copenhagen card..

We are traveling with 4 boys (15,13,13,12) and they will want to ride at Tivoli so we will get the rides wristband I suppose.... any idea how long we would want to spend there? My usual theme park plan is to arrive at opening, since they will want to ride without as long of lines... but everyone says it's nice there at night? I think their website said you have to pay a small fee for reentry - do you know if that applies the same if you are using copenhagen card (since you only get one entry per attraction)?

Would just go at night, but the boys will want to ride and I don't know how long the lines are at night.

Thanks for any help!

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The Copenhagen Cards are expensive, but well worth it from the point of view of absolute convenience!
I walked right in at night with my Card, the official said I didn't have to wait in the long line.
It was December, but the lineups were still long.
It's pretty at night all lit up.
I didn't go on any rides , so can't tell you about lineups for those.
With C. Card too: you can jump on and off buses and trains at will if you're tired of walking about.

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The real value of the Copenhagen Card is that it doesn't just cover the city, but attractions in the greater Copenhagen region, as well as transit to these. If you're only staying in the city, it may not pay off. As always, you have to do the math yourself, for what you're definitely seeing and possibly seeing.

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My adult son and I were there a couple of weeks ago. Went at night as it's quite the sight then. We didn't do any rides but the lines didn't appear to be long. Then again, we went later in the evening and the rides were about to close (9PM, I think). We got our hands stamped for re-entry and there was no fee involved, but that might have had something to do with the time we were there (since the rides were closing). Well-worth a visit, especially at night.

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I was there last week. If you want to re-enter you exit through the Tivoli food Hall where they will stamp your wrist.

I went in the early afternoon and there were a lot of school groups. And while I didn't partake in any of the rides, the only one with a real line was the roller coaster and that was estimated at 15 minutes. But when I passed by a little while later there was no line.

Don't think of Tivoli like a U.S amusement park. There aren't that many rides geared towards teens. A lot of gardens, shops, places to eat and some entertainment. But it's a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

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+1 for Frank's report. Themed and international casual dining seemed to me to be the largest part of the Tivoli real estate. You could research musical performance schedules if that would interest your family. We went (sold out) to an Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performance, which included park admission. I got the idea that re-entry might not be free in high season, but we didn't need to come back.

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Don't think of Tivoli like a U.S amusement park. There aren't that
many rides geared towards teens

Not my experience. Was there last August and there are a lot of high-adrenaline puke your guts out rides specifically geared to teens. The park has 32 different rides including four different roller-coasters. Went twice two evenings in a row, and at that hour the lines for the rides were quite long. The wait for the popular Demon roller coaster was over an hour and it stayed that way until the fireworks around midnight.

Themed and international casual dining seemed to me to be the largest
part of the Tivoli real estate.

With all due respect I think you guys may have missed a whole section of the park. The rides absolutely take up most of the space; it's the main attraction.

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Great info, thanks!!

I think we will go when they open and let the kids ride until they are done - then maybe leave and come back later when it is darker... though in the summer that may be too late!

And OH MAN! If Alvin Ailey was there when we were I would be SO EXCITED!!!