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Transportation in Prague

Hi. I have couple questions.

  1. To get to Karlovy Vary from Prague, which bus company is better; RegioJet or Flixbus? Do they have toilets on the bus?

  2. Can I use the PID app on my phone to buy tickets for metro/tram/bus? That's the best way?

  3. Which company is best for private pickup from Prague airport to my Airbnb? Or is Airport Express bus better?

Thank you in advance!

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1) Regiojet definitely has a toilet on all their bus options but as it's only a 2 hour journey you shouldn't need it.
2) Yes you can use the PID Litacka app for buying and using tickets, just make sure your phone battery does not die.
3) If your AirBnB is close to the Main Railway Station or on a metro line then Airport Express makes sense otherwise go private as with Mark's suggested links above.

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You can also take a public bus #119 from the airport to the last stop (which puts you at the entrance to the Metro)…send a message to your Air BnB host- they should tell you what line/stop (ie: Green) on the Metro gets you nearest to your Air BnB- its only a euro or rwo for this trip and you can buy a ticket right after you exit the airport from a kiosk- it is very simple and easy and inexpensive. There are also many youtube videos on this as well. You can take the Airport Express which is a different bus that costs more.
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