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Prague To Dresden by Train or Bus Daytrip

I dont see many trains from Prague to Dresden the week of Dec 11- am I missing something? Are they working on the lines? Besides Flixbus are there any other bus companies that go from Prague to Dresden for a day trip?
Thank you
(Helping friends plan a trip and the Dec fares just came out but I only see a few departure times)

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December 10th is the date the train timetables change, so the schedules are delayed and can be released at various times.

There's another thread on this topic with more details. I'll find it and post the link.

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The train tix likely are not yet available to buy until the revised train schedules are officially published on the second weekend in December. This also happens every year in June. In reality, there won’t be much change in December from the train schedules you see for November, so if you look at the Deutsche Bahn website or the Czech national train company’s website, you can get a good idea of what train timetables will look like. Sundays often have reduced train and bus schedules, so be sure you’re looking at the same day of the week you will be traveling. The Czech website has the least expensive tickets— the Prague to Dresden ticket is about $15 if you buy it 2-3 months in advance of your travel date on the Czech website which has an easy-to-use website in English. The Ceske Drahy website is Deutsche Bahn’s website in English is
( I just checked a random date in November on the Czech train website and saw the 6am train arriving in Dresden at 8:30am is $15)!

Have a great trip!

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Be aware that if you buy tickets via CD (Czech side) and you need to make changes when you get here then you can use any of the train station ticket offices. If you book through dbahn you'll only have an option to make changes online as the Czech ticket office guys won't help.

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You can buy the tix TODAY at for the same low price as the website of the Czech national train company. The Trainline is a highly-recommended train ticket reseller ( Rick Steves recommends them). that often is able to sell tickets
before the release of the official train schedules. The company has its computer system linked to the various national train companies’ computer systems which is how it knows what the schedules are after December 10.
There are two Czech trains that depart from Prague’s central train station (“Praha hl. n.”) and arrive at “Dresden Hbf” which is Dresden’s main train station.
There’s a 6:28am train that arrives in Dresden at 8:50am for $15.83 and a 8:28am train arriving in Dresden at 10:50am for $16.97. These are for non-refundable non-changeable tickets in second class. which is the usual restriction for cheap train tix throughout Europe. Deutsche Bahn has a couple morning trains also, but the price is $49.

You will be able to see return trains to Prague from Dresden and buy them on the Trainline’s website as well.
Note that Dresden’s Old Town is about 2 miles from the Dresden Hbf train station which is why there are trams just outside the train station linking the two.

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Ref above: Dresden Neustadt is a little closer to the old square than the main station is, and the walk is more pleasing since the approach is from across the river.

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Great point by Tom about Dresden Neustadt being closer to Dresden’s Old Town with most top attractions such as Dresden Castle, the Green Vault and the Cathedral concentrated there.
The morning trains mentioned above can have Dresden Neustadt as their final destination on
your ticket