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Czech Air - Smart Wings?

Has anyone flown Czech Air (Smart Wings)? We are planning to fly from Prague to Split in early September. Would love to hear about anyone's experiences. All the reviews I read were terrible (i.e., long delays, trouble with checking bags, no customer service, flights cancelled, etc...).

The flight would put us in Split at 2pm, and we are trying to catch the 5pm ferry to Korcula. Is this overly ambitious? Is there a way to get to Korcula if we miss the last ferry? Private boat? Idea of cost? Thanks!

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If you arrive on time, the 2PM arrival ought to give you plenty of time. Split's is a small airport though it's a ways from the ferry terminal. If you were taking a Croatia Airlines flight, there would be a bus (anyone can use it) to get into town, but you can't count on one waiting there for a Czech Air flight. There is also a public bus, but taking a taxi into town might be easiest. A bus would take just under an hour so a taxi ought to be much faster.

If you miss the ferry? No idea what your options are: probably find a place in Split and get to Korcula the next day. Also (to add to your anxiety!) keep in mind that in bad weather, the ferry may not even run. In early September, this is unlikely but who knows? I'm sure the owner of your lodging is well aware of problems like that, though.

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David...I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to post on two forums, and I did read your response - thank you!