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Czech Air (Smart Wings) Prague to Split - experience flying?

Has anyone flown Czech Air (Smart Wings) from Prague to Split? All the reviews I read were terrible (i.e., long delays, trouble with checking bags, no customer service, flights cancelled, etc...). Any thoughts on options for this leg of our journey? We might be open to bus or train, or maybe the flight will be just fine. The flight would put us in Split at 2pm, and we are trying to catch the 5pm ferry to Korcula. We already have lodging arrangements on the island, but they can be changed if needed. Would love any advice. Thanks!

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I have not flown them, but it's hard to imagine one of their flights being as bad as a bus ride from Prague to Split. Train might be fun if I had time to stop along the way for a few nights here or there (I'm guessing you don't), but I wouldn't take the train just to avoid flying. (You could also fly someone else with a connection - which would mean a longer flight and an extra chance of a delay due to the connection.)

I just got back from Portugal and had to fly Iberia twice and thought they were AWFUL! I say I'll never fly them again now...but what I really mean is, they would be a last resort. I had the choice to fly other airlines on the same route on this trip and chose Iberia and that was a mistake. But if they were the ONLY direct flight I could take between two cities - and the alternative was a much longer flight or long bus/train rides? I'd definitely fly Iberia again and just grit my teeth.

To avoid potential problems with Czech Air/Smart Wings, I would arrive at the airport in Prague extra early, so you'll have less of a chance of your bag being mishandled or a long line to check in, etc.

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Didn't fly that particular route, but last September we did fly Smart Wings/Czech Air/flavor-of-the-month (they seem to be having an identity crisis - the only corporate markings on the exterior of our plane was "Bohemia" painted on the engines, but inside there were a mix of Smart Wings and Czech Air bits so we knew we were on the right flight).

We flew them from Olbia on Sardinia (Italy) to Prague.

The flight was fine. Ground staff at Olbia seemed a bit aloof and indifferent, but did what they needed to do without any issues. The plane was a 737 with a lot of miles on it, but functional and about the same as any other 737.

Seemed pretty much like any other low cost European airline. No frills, just basic transportation, but no extra hassles either (eg they did not weigh our carry on bags, I saw no evidence of a hard attitude on their part). I would certainly fly them again if I needed to get somewhere they flew. Unless I had way too much time on my hands, no way I'd take a long bus ride over a quick flight with them.

You might consider that most airline reviews posted online are from people who had a bad experience wanting to vent. How often have you posted a review of an airline when the experience was just average?

Hope that helps.