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Lodging near Dubrovnik airport

We are coming in late and looking for reasonable lodging for only one night since we are joining friends in a rental the next day.

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Your question reminded me of the Hotel Belvedere near the airport. But thats not going to be useful (but is interesting).,the%20Croatian%20War%20of%20Independence.

From the airport to the gates of the old town is about a 25 minute drive.

I would make the trip, no matter how late, and wake he next morning in the right place.

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I’d use and look for lodging in Cavtat, which is just minutes from the Dubrovnik airport. It’s a lovely little fishing village, which you can enjoy in the morning before heading off to join your friends.

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Agree with Cavtat. We stayed there before flying out of Dubrovnik. It is a small but interesting town and very near to the airport.

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While Cavtat would be an easy solution for the late arrival, depending upon the exact time it might actually be easier to just go on to Dubrovnik and book a one night stay near where you will be staying the following night (and meeting your friends). It would save having to arrange transportation twice and the difference in the distance isn’t that great.

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Seems that Cavtat is popular for these purposes, need to remember it, thanks

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Any ideas for cheaper accommodation , rooms not apartment in the city or Old town please? I bought the rick steves book. hoping to find many different types of accommodation, but is disappointed.