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Dubrovnik to Korcula Transport Help Needed.

Hi, it's probably just me, but I'm getting a bit of a headache trying to figure out the logistics of getting from Dubrovnik to Korcula on September 30. I know there are a few options, but so far there seems to be road blocks with every form of transport I come across.
Bus: I see that there might possibly be a bus leaving Dubrovnik station at 9:00 am, but there's no means to purchase tickets in advance and I've read some comments that suggest that it is hit or miss as to whether this bus would be running on the day of departure.
Shuttle Bus from Dubrovnik Airport: This would be a good option as well, but the company's web site has a number of glitches, so I can't confirm whether there would be a ride option on the day I need to leave.
Catamaran: Again, not a bad option, but it would mean a later arrival to the island and the chance that it might not be running due to bad weather.
Car rental: Ideally I'd like to have a car to tour the island. It seems like I would need to take out a second mortgage to afford the rates they are asking however (leaving the island on a passenger ferry to Hvar, so would need to leave the car in Korcula).

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as the more I look into this, the more frustrated I get. Thanks, and safe travels.

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We pre-purchased our ferry tickets for Dubrovnik to Korčula and have them printed and ready to go. We will use them September 25. Even if you take the bus or a car you still need to get on a ferry, usually in Oribeć. The car ferry is different from the catamaran and takes longer. I know the earlier the ferry leaves is 2:30, we’re on the 4:00 ferry. Believe me, it is the best way to go. Previously we have gone by bus and private transfer but prefer the Direct ferry. Krilo will do a private transfer, I forget how much we paid before, but it wasn’t cheap. The ferry is about $22 one way.

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It's been a few years, but we were VERY happy with a transfer by We actually went from Korcula to Dubrovnik and had a wine tour along the way. Fabulous day. We toured Korcula without a car. Check into Korkyra Tours (I found them in Rick Steves' book) for a van tour of the island. Very interesting and informative. It was nice not to have to drive ourselves.

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Unless you want an expensive private transfer, then the bus or the Krilo or Jadrolinija boats are your best options, albeit Krilo is a late afternoon sailing and Jadrolinija early in the morning. There isn’t much in it time wise.

I have been on Hvar in late September - many places started reducing their hours and the days they opened from around 20 September, as the season seems to end 30 September. It felt dead and the weather broke c 23 September, which I was told was normal, hence the date for the end of season!

Many car rental places sold most of their vehicles during the pandemic and we are finding that prices have increased everywhere as there is now a vehicle shortage following the tourist tap being turned back on. Croatia car hire has always been double the price of a similar vehicle in Portugal.

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Thanks all for getting back to me and given me a better idea of what my options are at that time of the season. I think I've given up on the idea of a car rental. Even though I wanted to get to the island earlier, I'm thinking the late afternoon ferry would be my most stress free bet. I will do some research regarding transfers and bus service though to see how doable they are for me. Cheers.

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  • Even if you take the bus or a car you still need to get on a ferry,*

Yes, but if you take the Bus, it is seamless, the bus gets on the ferry, it is short, only across the strait.

I have not heard of issues with the bus, they are the main mode of transport in Croatia, no need to buy tickets ahead.

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We have used private transfers to Korčula when we were just going for the day. But if you are going for a few days the ferry is, for us, the best option. Krilo ferries are clean, smaller, and more comfortable. It is easier to store your luggage also. You can go up on deck for beautiful views or sit inside. On a bus you are stuck in your seat and the bathroom can be a problem. We always prepurchase when possible for a few reasons - I can charge it ahead of time, cut down on having to pay all expenses in one month, i don’t have to get to the pier early to purchase or go another day, I have them printed out (i know you can have them in your phone, getting used to this method, slowly), and it’s just one thing less i have to think about.
Laurel, we just booked Dubrovnikrivieratours for two day trips from Dubrovnik. Great prices and prompt answers to all my emails. I plan on doing a trip report from our trip.

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The Croatian bus line Autotrans was taken over by Arriva a German company a while ago.
The Arriva website is in English - click on UK flag icon top right if needed.
Last time I looked, it offered online booking and ticket purchase.
Should not be too busy on September 30th anyway. I buy my bus tickets a day or two ahead every September.
If bus is running, it is my favourite way to cross Croatia.
Think there is a site called Gobybus which covers Croatia too.
The Flixbus network has expanded across Europe in recent years.
Bus across Korcula is attractive. There are tours to wineries in small vans.....
Once there you could look into hiring a car and local driver for trips....

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Thanks John, and I hope you've been enjoying the nice weather on Vancouver Island (I'm from Victoria originally, and was in your neck of the woods in July). I haven't seen the Arriva website before, so it was a good resource to have. I've booked a car for the 3 days I have on Korcula, so I'm looking forward to exploring the island that way.