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Buza Bars

I've been reading up on the Buza bars in Dubrovnik. Are they worth finding and experiencing?

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If it sounds like an authentic local experience, then give it a try! A couple of staff here who visited Dubrovik with our tour are not particularly aware of that term. I see that the map on p. 326 of Rick's Slovenia/Croatia book marks a couple of Cold Drinks "Buza" spots with nice water views on the beach side of the city wall; but those would probably be more touristy than others you read about. Perhaps your hoteliers will recommend a bar they like.

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My wife and I were just in Dubrovnik last week and visited Buza II one night after reading about it in Rick's book. Was it worth visiting? Yes. Was it a "wow" experience? No. Both Buzas are relatively easy to find and the location, perched on the wall is pretty cool. The drinks are on the expensive side as one would expect (around $10 US or more), but you are paying for the ambiance. One thing to note - you will NOT see a sunset from either Buza bar. One nice thing about going there - you get away from the tourist mob. Here it was late May, and the tour groups were in full force during the day. Personally, I would never visit Dubrovnik in July or August. It must be truly horrible with the mobs of people.