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What is considered fully vacinated for Paris and Berlin?

I was vaccinated in April, 2021 with two doses. Then boosted in November, 2021. Should I get another booster before I go? Worried I wont' be considered fully vaccinated when I travel on August 28, 2022. Thank you!


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You're fully vaccinated for France, as long as your November 2021 booster was Moderna or Pfizer.

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Dani, I don't know how old you are. If you are 50 or over, the CDC currently recommends getting a second booster whether you are traveling or not. This is a personal medical decision between yourself and your doctor but I am going to assume that since you have received 3 shots you have no major objection to a fourth.

I had my second booster last week and had no more side effects than a slightly sore arm for a few days.

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Even if you are not 50 or older, you can get a 2nd booster now. My son got one and he is not even 40, he travels internationally for business and wanted it first to be safe, but also to be able to meet any requirements of other countries.

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You might consider going ahead and getting the booster.

We went to Berlin in October, 2022, and the only time our vaccination record was checked was by the airline before we boarded at home. We did eat in a couple of eat in restaurants that checked our card--and that's it.

Coming back into the U.S., they just eyeballed our passports and whizzed us on through.

I tested negative for Covid on 8/13/2022 in London Heathrow. Upon my return home, I got a cough, a terribly sore throat and laryngitis that stayed with me 3 weeks. It was a virus of some kind but could just as easily been the flu. I still am glad I got the immunizations and booster.

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Germany no longer requires proof of vaccination for entry. I’m currently traveling in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I’m fully vaccinated and have two boosters but no records were required by the airline or any officials upon entry into Germany. There have been situations where it is necessary to wear masks.

Requirements are always subject to change.