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What is considered fully vaccinated for entering France?

According to the following website, the booster shot has to be taken within 9 months of receiving the primary doses in order to be considered fully vaccinated, starting on Feb 1, 2022. Do I understand it correctly? My booster shot is more than 9 months after my primary 2-dose. What can I do now to make myself "fully vaccinated" for France at this time? Is this 9-month requirement in force throughout EU?

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You’re considered fully vaccinated.

It's only someone who is nine months (or more) after their first two vaccinations without a booster who is considered non-vaccinated.

(Your booster has to be an mRNA booster to count .)

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Ah, thanks, Kim. The true meaning lost in translation?

"Since 1 February 2022, in order for their vaccination schedule to continue to be recognized as complete, persons aged 18 years or older wishing to enter French territory must have received a booster dose of messenger RNA vaccine no later than nine months after receiving the last mandatory dose."

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Yeah, they wrote it poorly (in the original French, as well), but what we have seen over the months since it has been in practice is that as long as you have an mRNA booster (and are at least seven days out from having received that booster), you are fine.

Of course now, even if you aren’t * considered fully vaccinated, the only difference is that you have to have a negative test for entry. So there's hardly anything standing between you and entering France even if you *don't** meet their definition of fully vaccinated.

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My family flew into Paris on 6/8 and we never had to show our vaccination cards or answer a single question about vaccination status.

Hey there sorry my brain can’t make sense of this for some reason. I had two Pfizer vaccines last year within two months of each other. The second one was on august 1st 2021. I then had a booster on May 28th 2022 so just under 10 months after the first two shots. Is this considered vaccinated in France?

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@jmhenderson, yes. If you have had an MRNA booster no matter when it was in relation to the initial shots you are currently considered fully vaccinated.

Book your ticket to Paris and don’t look back, lol!!

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A friend flew into Paris this week. Immigration wasn't even interested in their vaccination documentation. The person who stamped their passports told them their docs were from Spokane, Washington so really not something he cared to see.

It's probably related to the specific person who stamped their passports, but I found it interesting.