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Washington (and probably others) residents east proof of vax

We need to show Air Canada we are vaccinated so they will let us get on the plane to Spain

Tried and tried to upload my vax record and it was not accepted. My drs office suggested downloading my vax records from the WA Dept of Health - took about two minutes - and voila it was accepted.!

Who knew that a ratty card I’d been carrying around for a year with random handwriting on it wouldn’t be seen as legit internationally!

Next stop SEA TAC!

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We flying to Spain the end of the month and we’re just catching up on the requirements. From what I’ve been reading, besides completing the online form, on all flights going to Spain passengers need to be masked.

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The Air Canada website says you still need to bring your original vaccine records with you.
All Canadian flights require you to wear a mask inflight, coming or going to Canada; so I’m thinking that will also apply to Air Canada flights starting from SeaTac?

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We have our cards. It was the Toronto to Spain Lev that required us to upload vaccine records. My card was so ratty it wouldn’t scan.

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Barbara- While Spain requires masks in flights into the country, my last flight in July was on American Airlines and there was no call to wear masks, and most people didn’t.

The Spanish airlines may be different in that regard.

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It is a great idea to download proof from your state Dept of Health no matter where you live or where you are going. Nice to have a little file on my phone that I can pull up if required.