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Verifly problem with uploading documents

Hopefully flying home tomorrow from Dublin on Aer Lingus. Trying to check in using Verifly, but the app won’t upload my documents. We have our letters of recovery on my phone and copies of same.
I’ll have to check in at the airport tomorrow. I’m worried my documents won’t be accepted. We used quickMD to obtain the recovery letters,
Does anyone have experience with using quickMD recovery letters? Am I stressing over nothing?
Flying in the time of Covid is certainly a new experience!

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Make sure you have the latest update on your phone. I had a similar issue and when I updated the app, it worked just fine.

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You and like many are stressing way too much. You don't need VeriFly. Just bring your documents and the nice lady will check your paperwork and give you a broading pass. Not every person who flies has a phone or even uses technology. The airlines are aware of this.

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We had issues with VeriFLY as well.

We flew British Airways AMS->LHR->LAX. We completed all steps, such as filling in our home information and signing off on the US "Travel Attestation" form. Upon doing so, we received enthusiastic "You're ready to travel" VeriFLY emails.

However, when trying to do BA's online check-in 24 hours before departure while in Amsterdam, we got caught in a loop. BA wanted to electronically check our COVID vax documents, but when we tried to upload them through VeriFLY, we couldn't do so.

We called BA Customer Service (not the US number), and spoke with a pleasant lady who told us we could not upload our vax docs into our online BA profiles.

So we had to go through check-in at Schiphol, where there was one - repeat, one - window open for Premium Economy. When we got to the window, all she did was compare our vaccine docs to our passports.

The above manual check-in took us 90 minutes.

Very, very frustrating.