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Vaccine declaration form still needed in Netherlands? And tests for kids?

Hi all -

For those who've recently entered the Netherlands from outside the Schengen area, is the vaccine declaration form still required?

I had found (on the info that "Since April 20th, 2022, the Netherlands Health Declaration is no longer necessary if you're entering to the country by air." But the actual site, as well as Delta Airlines, still lists the form as needed. I have downloaded it just in case. But THEN, to complicate matters: the form itself says "Children under the age of 18 travelling with their vaccinated parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are exempt from this requirement, but they must show a negative COVID-19 test result."

Our two teens are vaccinated and boosted, but do we now also need to get them pre-trip tests? Or will the forms and their vaccine certificates be enough? Thought I had it all sorted out, but now I'm confused again!

Really sorry if this info is already in a thread somewhere. I promise I did try searching and couldn't find recent info, but I may have missed something.

[Edited to add, June 25:] We got in without anyone asking for the forms! Nor did anyone ever mention them on the way there. In fact they didn’t check our COVID info at AMS arrivals at all, just passports. There we go!

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There were no requirements when I flew into the Netherlands on 5/14/22. They have good government websites - I found this link on the US Embassy Netherlands website.

Select United States and there is some information. Then on exemption categories as the US is not considered a safe country.. You need to be vaccinated recently (within 270 days) or vaccinated and boosted (no expiration) or letter of recovery (details online). I never had to show it but I was told all I needed was my CDC vaccination card. I didn't fill out any forms.

From the exemptions categories, this is some of the info in the fully vaccinated selection -

If you are 12 years or older, a resident of a country that is not on the list of safe countries and fully vaccinated, you are exempted from the EU entry ban.

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Ha, good to hear—thank you! We just got into the Netherlands too, and same as with you, they didn’t ask for the vaccine forms, nor any COVID info actually. Updated post just now to say that. Bon voyage!

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Our arrival at Schiphol was pretty straightforward. Mind you, somehow we accidentally ended up at the passport check for connecting flights rather than arriving, but he said it was OK and let us through, so our being clueless was a time-saver in this case!

Today we’re at Schiphol again for a 12:20 flight to Zürich. Took 1 hr 15 mins from arriving at airport to getting to gate, so not too bad. One thing that let us cut ahead a bit was having Sky Priority with KLM—which I think was free, just something I got for creating a login with KLM basically. So that can be a good tip.

When our Sprinter train got to Schiphol, the voice on the announcement said, “good luck at Schiphol. Remember, don’t get angry, just smile.” It did make us smile!

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“One thing that let us cut ahead a bit was having Sky Priority with KLM—which I think was free, just something I got for creating a login with KLM basically. So that can be a good tip.”

SkyPriority is not something you get for free for creating a login with KLM. If that were the case everyone would be doing that. SkyPriority comes with a business class ticket with KLM or other Skyteam airline partners such as Delta.

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Ah, you’re right; I was thinking of Flying Blue. I’m new to KLM and also very jet-lagged! Hmm, then could we have been given Sky Priority because we have TSA Precheck in the US? The tickets are economy, not business.