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Uploading CDC card to Delta FlyReady

On the Travel Forum, I've read very helpful posts regarding difficulty in uploading CDC cards to Delta's FlyReady's app prior to international flights. I've just successfully done this so wanted to post how I did it. For those who are tech savvy, please forgive the simplicity of the steps below. I'm sure there are shortcuts.

Step 1: Scanned CDC card to Notes app on I-Phone
Open I-Phone's Notes app
Start a new note
Tap camera icon at bottom to take a photo
Tap on scan documents
Hold phone over CDC card
Tap Done
End result: have a PDF file of your CDC card
Optional: tap on 3 dots in corner then select Pin. Your scanned CDC card is now your 1st note so is easily accessible in the future

Step 2: Emailed PDF file of CDC card to myself
Open I-Phone's Note app
Select the note containing CDC card
Tap circle with 3 dots in upper right corner
Tap Send a copy
Tap Mail icon, then send it to your email address

Step 3: Saved PDF file of CDC card to my laptop (one reason I wanted it on my laptop was b/c I need it for a British Airways flight as well)
Opened email containing PDF file
Saved PDF file to my laptop

Step 4: Uploaded PDF file of CDC card to Delta FlyReady

Step 5: Within 5 minutes, received email from Delta saying "We've verified your vaccine record."
I looked at my Delta reservation for a different fight later in the summer, and it appears FlyReady is "good to go" there as well, so I don't have to repeat the process for future flights.

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Thank you, Elizabeth. I will be needing to do this for our trip! Plus, I can see your process, simplifies some of the other tasks I do on my iphone!

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Thank you, Elizabeth! It’s always good to have the specific steps to help my relatives, also.

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Thank you for this helpful information step-by-step. I will be flying to Heathrow in late June with my granddaughter for a Rick Steves family trip. This will help me get ready ahead of time.

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In addition to those directions, you might also want to check out Gary Rosenzweig of MacMost.

In this particular video he shows to scan a document to your phone (save it to iCloud files for example) and then use the built-in Apple ShortCuts app to quickly show anyone your passport or drivers license or CDC card or other documents. You can take pics of your meds and scan them as well.

Create an iPhone Shortcut To Show Your Vaccination Card

The trick to remember is that your scanned files will have a .pdf extension that is part of their name when you’re entering their name in a particular short cut.
E,g. Not CDCElizabeth but CDCElizabeth.pdf, not my Passport but Passport.pdf.

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Well, I was so pleased that I successfully uploaded my CDC card to Delta FlyReady.... Several hours later, I was unsuccessful when I attempted to upload my traveling companion's CDC card to Delta FlyReady. I had no problem scanning her CDC card, but Delta's system misread her CDC card and didn't pick up that she received her 2nd booster last week. Delta's automated email to me stated "The lapsed time for your final dose has expired based on the entry requirements." It's not the end of the world...just means she'll have to check in in person. So, it appears that even if you upload a well scanned file of your CDC card to FlyReady, the system may reject it.

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Elizabeth, you may want to try and upload your friend’s card again.

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I had same issue with vax card not being "read" properly by the autobot at Delta. I took a photo at a lower resolution, resubmitted it, and it was accepted right away. Can't explain why that worked, but it worked.

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Thank you for the concise detailed instructions. I just received my second booster and needed an updated PDF of my card. Perfect timing.

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Is Delta requiring this to fly international?

@Diane, do you mean is Delta requiring you to use the FlyReady app? No they do not. It’s just supposed to make it easier. I was able to check in online the day before my international flight this week and print my boarding passes after having loaded my vax card and passport info. I still had to show my passport, vax card and my Passenger Locator form (for France) at the bag drop at the airport.

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When using Delta's fly ready app, I was routed to the EU's passenger locator form. Has that happened to anyone else? We've tried to complete the process, but first it says to put in only the first address we will be staying at. After we do that, it won't proceed until we add more. We are staying at 10+ places, that's a lot to input.

Also, does everyone receive an email that the vaccine card has been verified? I have not and its been 12 hours.

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@Jules, I just entered the first hotel I’m staying in. It did accept it and I was able to print out a QR code.

It’s been a month ago that I started fiddling with that app and I received the green verified email pretty quickly. I just would not put any effort into worrying about it. IF the PLF doesn’t go I’d probably print it out and take it along. The Delta check in person looked at it but no one else including passport control in Paris asked about it.

I also got an email from Delta yesterday asking how my flight went. It then asked about the app and I told them it was a frustrating mess generally, lol.

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After seeing this post I decided to look into the flyready for my delta flights in 3 weeks.

It seemed confusing to me. As to uploading the CDC card. I tried doing it and initially got a notice saying there was a problem. I thought perhaps because I uploaded them in the box that said upload documents although I didn't see where it specified what documents. As soon as I uploaded it said it was reviewing. At that point I wasn't able to access the locator form. I then got email saying there was a problem with the forms I uploaded. So I logged out and came back to it later at which point I was able to access the locator form. I got a notice hours later saying that I successfully got that in there which is great but I still don't see where I can upload the CDC card.
Anyone one have any advice or insight on this situation. I know I can just show my cards when I check in at airport but I feel challenged to do this on line.

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And note as I discoverd that if you are flying any segment of your trip on a "Delta Partner" the Fly Ready App will not work.
This is the result of three conversations with Delta Reps and my experience.

Good news it that we had no issues presenting the correct documents either in Atlanta or Milan, the agent entered the info and gave us our boarding passes. Just have your ducks in a row.

The Covid attestation form to return to ATL was collected prior to boarding in Amsterdam - our connecting flight home. They passed out a single page form, the one I had downloaded from the CDC was like 6 pages.

Another not,e on our outbound flight Delta required that all passengers have a PAPER boarding pass and they took everyone's temperature (and noted on the pass) prior to boarding. First time I had heard of this.

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Another not,e on our outbound flight Delta required that all passengers have a PAPER boarding pass and they took everyone's temperature (and noted on the pass) prior to boarding. First time I had heard of this.

Interesting. That was not my experience out of Seattle on Delta this last Tuesday. I had a paper boarding pass which I’d been able to print at home but I used the pass I’d downloaded to my phone for boarding. No temperature scan was done.

I think the inconsistencies are difficult to deal with. If a standard was applied across all airports it would be easier to manage.