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Hello fellow travelers. I understand a US citizen can travel from the US into Portugal (Lisbon) with only a negative Covid test. Do you all know if one once lands in Lisbon, can they drive/take trains etc. to Spain without issue and fly back to the States from Madrid? Any help would be great, thanks!

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I think you need to explore this carefully from official sources. I would not base an entire trip on information of this import with only an answer from this forum.

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As I understand it, adults must be vaccinated to enter Spain and you will need to show proof of vaccination to enter restaurants etc.

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You would be okay to fly into Portugal with a test. Portugal for entry does not recognize the US CDC card since we do not have a reciprocal agreement with them, so vaccinated and unvaccinated need a negative test.

You may need to test to check into your accommodations and if you choose to eat inside. This maybe changing soon based on the outcome of a meeting today between the government and medical experts.

Last time I looked, Spain required one to be fully vaccinated, for most that would include a booster.

Edit: Adding a reference to an article regarding coming changes in Portugal

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you will be able to travel with frequent covid tests (easily accessible in most EU but $$). currently, entering restaurants etc may be a problem. restrictions are scaling down - keep watching for changes.

btw, not Spain, but for reference, this discussion on Swiss is gng on: and note the we (Americans) are considered "a third-country nationals"

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Hi, I understand the desire to figure out what's possible. Be aware that this forum does not permit sharing how to break laws or circumvent restrictions, etc per Community Guideline #7. All replies should keep that in mind so that this discussion can remain in our forum.

Thanks, everyone!