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United Airlines Travel Ready Center

We are leaving this week for our trip from the US to Munich. If I am reading the United Travel Ready Center app correctly, we are not required to upload our passport and that Verification can take place at the airport. Can anyone confirm?

Are there other documents that we need to complete before travel via United or before we enter Germany?

Thank you!

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Your vaccine card and quite probably a Covid test. I haven’t kept up to date on Germany, but I think you should to a little research on that.

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Thank you. I have done some research and I don’t believe a COVId test to go to Germany is necessary since we are fully vaccinated and boosted.
Returning to the US we will need one.

Looking for help specifically with United Airlines.

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Passport information is usually asked for on the airline's site, not the 'covid doc' portals. I've never had to upload mine—just enter the #.

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We used the United travel ready app during our trip to Greece last month. It appeared that information was transferred to partner airlines, and may have been encoded in the PLF for Greece. We only had to show our passport once in Europe,and upon entry to Greece only had to show our digital PLFs. Check-in for our flights home were easy; we only had to show our negative Covid test. We were able to avoid check-in lines at the airport because we had uploaded the information into the airline system. A bonus is that our miles were immediately credited to the loyalty program. There may have been a few glitches, but airline apps and contactless verifications are probably not going to disappear.

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We leave today for Paris. Uploaded our passports and cdc card info, according to their timeline. Passport accepted but still waiting for approval of cdc documents (full vac and 2 boosters) . Travel ready site says an agent needs to verify so we will have to wait until at airport to get boarding passes. Maybe because the 4th shot is on back of card and I couldn’t submit 2 photos???

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We are going to Italy in less than two weeks. We are on United going through Frankfurt. I was just in United’s Travel Ready site and uploaded our passports with the understanding that if we didn’t it would take more time at the airport counter. We are also required to upload our CDC cards but they won’t let you do this until 48 hours before flight. We do carryons and I don’t want to stand in line for the United counter if I don’t have to. Good luck with that! And of course, we are going into Italy so we are required to complete the Italian locator form which wants all your info including seat assignments which is difficult when our connecting flight from Frankfurt to Rome does not give out economy seats til 23 hours before flight which means to complete the form ahead of time you need to pay extra to get an assigned seat. Very frustrating.

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United won't give you a boarding pass until you upload these documents - but you can do this at the airport
vaccine card, passport copy thats it.