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Trying to give Travelex a fair shake.

I have spent the week attempting to contact Travelex. I have called each day and been on hold for over 30 min before hanging up to try another time. I have sent an email 3 days ago, no response. I am currently hitting the 40 min mark of holding with no response. Before I write or post anything negative I try to give the recipient every possible opportunity to address my concern. I purchased my policy pre Covid and they kindly let me apply it to my upcoming My Way France Tour. My question, if I were ever to make contact would be; since the policy was issue pre Covid is there any Covid coverage?

As I was writing they did answer after 42 min. Her explanation, in case this is helpful, emailing customer service is NOT quicker. Currently wait times can be upward of 1 hours due to increase in people purchasing coverage for Covid. I will say the customer service rep was kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Covid is treated as any other illness.

I will chalk this up to the new world we now live in.

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appreciate your post, Kathleen. I can't work out if this is a "they kept me on hold too long" complaint or a "they were really good about extending my credit, they were polite and helpful, and haven't weaseled out from covid coverage" compliment....

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Hi Nigel,
A bit of both I guess. I think more a real time experience dealing with travel insurance. In case that is helpful to anyone.