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Travel insurance reimbursement

I've read posts that indicate that travel insurance agencies have been helpful when tours have been canceled or interrupted because of testing positive for COVID. They have helped make alternate arrangements and so forth. However, I have not read anything about anyhow they generous they have been in reimbursing when all the expenses are finally tallied. Has anyone received final payment and has the insurance agency made you whole for all expenses?

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Generous? Never heard that adjective used with to describe insurance agencies.

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Insurance payouts are according to the limits on the policy purchased; not a penny more. Expenses are reimbursed according to the appropriate category - trip interruption, medical, travel delay, etc. And it all depends on how diligent one is in submitting the corresponding paperwork.
In my experience payout was satisfactory; again up to the limits that I had purchased and all within a 3-week period.

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It all comes down to lots of documentation and communication. A phone call to the insurance company as soon as the issue arises and then have all receipts, reports etc.

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Went to Greece in May with RS. My friend got Covid on the first day and she had Travelex. She was reimbursed all but $16.50 of her costs submitted. I had TinLeg Covid insurance and I am still waiting. They have a cumbersome portal to upload documents so I copied and mailed mine in (so did my friend). Could not get a hold of the underwriter by phone until late one night (they are in Florida, I am in Washington State) and she said she needed all my receipts sent again through the portal because she couldn't read them very well (they are in GREEK for gosh sakes). I wrote on all the receipts what the credit card company charged me in dollars and what the receipt was for. No matter. It's been over a week since I sent them in again, this time through the portal (by taking photos of each receipt!!! over 40 of them!!!) and uploading the jpg images to their system. Still no word. Insurance companies don't make it easy. I didn't go with Travelex (which many at RS recommend) because it was $800 more than TinLeg for the same coverage. I may live to regret it. I will update the forum when I finally (I hope) get my reimbursement. I am asking for about $1500.

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Thanks for the replies. Hope we get more. I purchased a Travel Guard ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ policy with a very high limit. I’m hoping they stand behind their product if the worst case occurs on our upcoming tours. When I originally posted this question, I was seriously considering backing out but it’s too late for that now.

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@Jim. Cancel for any reason has to do with cancelling the trip prior to starting on your trip. Trip Interruption or Trip Delay deal with costs that happen while you are on your trip.