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Travel from USA to Switzerland via LHR

Well, we made it from SAN to GVA via DFW and LHR. Flying on a BA ticket. But got moved to AA through LHR since BA hasn’t resumed service to SAN yet. Smooth sailing all in all. We had everything in order and organized including CDC COVID vaccine cards, RT-PCR test results, UK PLF forms completed ahead of time online along with the online Swiss entry forms. We also completed the VeriFLY app steps for the portion of the trip to LHR. The AA agent remarked that made everything much easier for her to get us checked in quickly. BTW, we couldn’t check in online with AA or BA. I assume that’s due to all the checks needed. Also, when we filled out the Swiss entry forms online, we didn’t have seat assignments yet. We just entered a random seat number. Very easy to update it once we had the correct seat via the link in the email they sent once completing the form.

On arrival at LHR, we followed the purple transit signs. No need to reclaim our bags since checked through to GVA. Just showed our onward boarding pass and went through security checkpoint as is custom at LHR for transit. We did not have to show UK authorities anything else. Guess they figure the airline did a good job!

Upon boarding the flight from LHR to GVA, we were initially denied permission to board by BA. They asked if we had special permission to go to Switzerland. I explained to the very polite agent that vaccinated US residents are permitted to travel to Switzerland. He made a couple calls and we were allowed to board. I don’t think the BA computers were updated with current entry rules.

Upon arrival at GVA, no issues at all. They looked at our passports and CDC vaccine cards briefly. He smiled and sent us on our way. Welcome to Switzerland.

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Nurses, thanks so much for taking the time to report back to us. Glad things went fairly smoothly. It’s a little scary that you were initially denied permission to board the plane to Switzerland, especially since entry has been permitted since June 26th. I’m glad you were able to stay calm and get that cleared up.

Have a great trip!!!!

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Excellent and so helpful to know it went smoothly. You are paving the way for us to fly through LHR to GVA in late August. Have a blast on your trip and do report back.

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Looks like you had done your homework and were ready! I see where Carrie had also commented……her crew and mine will be in Switzerland in September and hubby and I have our Moderna vaccination cards…….before we leave we will download the Swiss entry forms and hope that we will be ready……did you have the RT-PCR test results as a backup or were they necessary? Sounds like you had extra info ready because you were landing in LHR on your way to Switzerland, right?

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Thx so much. Hopefully our fall trip goes as smoothly!
Safe travels!

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Thanks for the update, we are leaving on almost same route (PSP-DFW-LHR-GVA) in 5 weeks. Because we leave on a Tuesday we are going to do antigen tests rather than PCR on Monday. UK accepts these (lateral flow device). It would’ve been VERY expensive to get a rapid one hour PCR test here. I am getting a bit concerned about our return transit through Paris-LHR-LAX but will start sorting that out now as UK just changed some things with France but I don’t know if that impacts airside transit or not.

I know we can’t fill out the UK form early but were you able to get the Swiss form filled out early? We already know our seat numbers on the DFW-LHR-GVA flights. I would love to get that firm done early.

Thanks, enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to get hiking in Switzerland!

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We did the online Swiss entry form about 10 days before leaving. Very simple to do. We didn’t have seat assignments from BA at that point. Just entered random seats and updated via link sent once we knew seats. Honestly, Swiss authorities never asked to see the QR code. Doesn’t mean they might not however. Our UK PLFs despite being out less than 48 hours before departure. Our seat assignments got changed last second due plane change. No simple way to update from what I could tell. Then again, UK authorities at LHR never asked to see emails/forms.