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Transitioning through Schiphol from US to Other EU countries

Hoping to find someone who has transitioned, recently (weeks), through Schiphol Airport from the US. We are headed to Rome very soon and am trying to find out from someone the procedure at AMS.
We will only have carry on and flying on Delta tickets. Do we have to go through any checks (Covid, baggage, passports, etc) or just transfer from one gate to the next. We have been through Schiphol twice before and found it easy to navigate. However times have changed. Your recent experience is appreciated.

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I did. I went ATL-AMS and AMS-BER and back again the first week of April. I had my vaccine card checked before I boarded in ATL. Delta Fly Ready was not working so I couldn't check in online. I had to get in the bag check line (fortunately I could use Sky Priority) to show my vax card and get my boarding pass, even though I wasn't checking a bag.
My passport was checked and stamped when I arrived in AMS. No one asked for my vaccine card. Then I went to the gate for my connection. I think I had to show my passport again when I boarded. The whole process was stress-free.
No one asked for anything when I arrived in Berlin.

Safe travels!

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You go through immigration at AMS as that's where you enter the Schengen group of countries.

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We just changed planes in AMS on our way to Spain a few days ago. Had to show our passports and vax cards in Detroit to get boarding passes. In AMS we had to go through immigration and our passports were stamped. Then boarding our next flight was just showing our passports.

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I can add a bit more detail.

When you land at AMS, you will walk off the jet-bridge and out into the International terminal, just like walking off a domestic flight in the US, no maze of empty corridors to get to immigration.

You then look for signs indicating "Connecting Flights", so head that way. you will come to an area for immigration for transit passengers, just show your passport, and that is it. Your airline already verified your vaccination status, so no need for them to. Do not head toward Baggage Claim/Transportation, that will lead to Immigration and out of the secure zone, necessitating having to go through security to get back in.

You then will be let out into the domestic/Schengen terminal, and on to your gate.

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Kalya, rambling on’ , Patricia and Paul. Thanks you guys help a lot. Our past experience passing through Schiphol is why we chose to transition there. Loved Amsterdam in 2019 spent 8 days there on our way back from “Best of England” tour

Heading to Sicily soon for RS trip 7.