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Transiting Question: Netherlands Onward To Greece

I'm wondering if anyone can clarify exactly what is required to transit Schipol airport (AMS) onward to Greece, especially someone who has recently done so. I'm using Re-open EU website as my main source. Under the "Checklist transfer/transit in the Netherlands (changing planes)" category, there are four points: 1) EU entry ban...; 2) Quarantine declaration requirements...; 3) No proof of vaccination, recovery, or negative test result; 4) Health declaration for air travel. I'm fully vaccinated with booster so meet #1, yet #3 states I don't need to show any proof if I'm transiting and departing within a few hours. I am still unclear if I'm to complete the quarantine declaration (#2). If I'm following the intent correctly, I do need to complete the health declaration for air travel (#4) form.

Anyone with actual experience skipping through Schipol (couldn't resist) in the last few weeks who can guide me?

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I transited Schiphol in September, and arrived and left from there in November and the beginning of December.

I found the best information was from Schiphol's website, specifically here:

Basically, at the time, I had to fill out a Health Declaration, and if the country you are coming from is considered "Very High Risk", you need to fill out a Quarantine Declaration, for which you basically claim you are exempt because you are transferring only. It also indicates you may need to show proof of vaccination.

While some of that may be submitted online (don't recall if that was the case), in reality, no one asked for any of the documents and I went on my way. I think most of it is to make you aware of requirements, and if you are later found to have entered the Netherlands (Not actually transferred) then you can be charged with willingly violating covid measures if you did so.

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Bearing in mind The Netherlands are going into lockdown from tomorrow, we will have to wait for more details regarding what will and won’t be permitted for transit passengers.

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Thank you both for your replies and assistance. My trip is not until February, so I know I'll continue to keep up-to-date.