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Testing to Enter Germany

Some countries have dropped their requirement for Covid testing for vaccinated Americans to enter. Has anyone heard anything about the possibility that Germany may do the same at some point in the next month?

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I don’t think Germany has a testing requirement for vaccinated travelers now.

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Thanks, that’s great news! I tried to search and wasn’t coming up with anything current. We are vaxxed and boosted, so good to go. I hope that by the time we return to the U.S. on May 1st we won’t have to hassle with a test to return home. We will bring tests with us to monitor ourselves during our trip.

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The Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations contains a general obligation for persons entering the country to furnish proof, irrespective of the mode of transport or whether they previously spent time in a high-risk area or area of variants of concern. Persons aged 6 or over must possess a negative test result or proof of vaccination or recovery when entering the country. Persons who, at any time within the last 10 days prior to entry, spent time in an area classified as a high-risk area or area of variants of concern at the time of their entry must, in addition, observe special obligations to furnish proof and are required to self-isolate. For travellers entering Germany from areas of virus variants of concern, a ban on carriage – subject to a very limited set of exceptions – has been imposed on travel from these areas via rail, bus, ship or plane.
What rules apply to people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered?
Proof of vaccination or recovery is deemed equivalent to a negative test result within the context of the obligation to furnish proof. Additionally, it can exempt you from the obligation to quarantine on entry. However, as a rule, this does not apply if you spent time in an area classified as an area of variants of concern at the time of entry. In this case, travellers are always required to carry with them a negative PCR test result; the aforementioned proof does not provide exemption from quarantine on entry (see also below under Obligation to quarantine on entry).
Are the regulations limited in time?
The Ordinance expires on 3 March 2022. The regulations on the obligation to quarantine have been prolonged and will also be in force until 3 March 2022.

I'm reading this closely. Germany considers the US a high-risk area,[NOT variant of concern,] but if one is vaccinated [and boosted], testing before entry is not required. DO I have this correct? Thanks