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Report: Airport check in - Delta - SEA to CDG to LIS

This is my experience only - yours may(likely) differ but since it’s been discussed, I will share:)

The check in area was mobbed. We had been unable to check in online last night despite many many tries. We had Priority check-in so we got to skip the line -guesstimate how long it would have taken… at least 45 minutes.

Portugal requires a test for US citizens in general.

We had our Passenger Locator Form for Portugal, our US CDC cards, and our antigen test that was 16 hours old.

The agent asked for our Locator forms. She took the entire printout and checked that the name matched our passports. Then she looked at our CDC cards to make sure that there was a booster notation.

She did not ask for our COVID tests.

In addition, last night Air France, who is flying our CDG to LIS leg, sent me an email, asking if I wanted to get “FlyReady” for that leg. I went ahead and uploaded our COVID tests, Passenger Locator Form and CDC card. I got an email back with FlyReady clearance for the second leg of our flight. I’ll report back if it’s anything helpful in the Paris airport.

Note: to upload to the AirFrance site, I had to take the pictures of the documents, save them as smaller PDFs and then load them. In their normal right-from-the-camera size, they were too big and Air France rejected them. You can also save them to a scanner like Adobe and then load them from there onto the Air France site as that shrunk them too.

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Thanks for the update, Valerie!

I am not good at understanding about sizing of things so I appreciate your explanation on the Air France FlyReady stuff!

I guess I will put my passport info in today if FlyReady is working, lol.

Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time in Portugal!

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Hahah....wish I had timed things so I could meet up with you guys for din-din in Paris!

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Thanks, Valerie! I'm lucky (I guess) in that I fly out of Duluth in 2 weeks. It is a very small airport. In fact, I'm wondering whether I even need to get there 3 hours ahead of time, since there are only 4 gates. It is an international airport so I'm assuming that's where I will be showing my CDC cards.

The info about AirFrance is very good to know - I am also flying into CDG, and then taking an AF flight to Berlin. So it's good to know I can get ready for that ahead of time.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

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Thank you for the helpful update. We are scheduled to fly Delta from Phoenix to Atlanta connecting to Air France in Atlanta to CDG then to Lisbon in a couple of days. We have our PCR tests, Portugal Locator Forms, our CDC cards with our boosters.

We contacted Delta because we were not able to upload our documents to their Fly Ready system. A Delta rep called back in 24 minutes. The customer service rep said that the Delta Fly Ready system does not work because we are flying on a partner airline (Air France). Therefore, we would need to present our documents at the airport check-in Phoenix.

We hope to upload our documents to the Air France "FlyReady" system tomorrow evening.