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Quarantine now needed in Netherlands and Sweden bans U.S. travelers

Apologies because I can’t get link to work but CNN is reporting that U.S. travelers to Netherlands must now quarantine for 10 days. Sweden is banning U.S. travelers (except for essential travel and Swedish residents).
If you go to CNN and search for Sweden and Covid, story will come up.

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Is this the CNN article you’re referring to?

From the article: “ While travelers from these and other high-risk countries will be allowed entry if fully vaccinated, they must still quarantine for 10 days. And as of September 6, they must also produce a negative Covid test.”

I think I saw another forum post this morning that disputed the quarantine. Maybe someone else can confirm?…

EDIT:Here’s the thread from this morning. It is true and locals have weighed in.

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if correct, that is quite a shift in the rules (to 10 day quarantine for all US travelers) with very little notice.

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This is correct according to the Dutch government website. Ditto for Sweden.

It’s no surprise that the policy has changed quickly - this is standard procedure. Within Europe we are used to this happening and have been advising caution for weeks if not months about the risks of travel. The U.K. and some European countries have been on and off each other’s travel lists more often than some people change their socks!

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I don’t know about “they,” but the U.S. sure is in crisis. Over 1,500 deaths yesterday — just a few weeks ago, I think, daily deaths were around 300.

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Sweden is giving mixed information. One government website says Americans are still exempt, another says they are not. Both were last edited the same day.