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Probable dumb question about CDC cards

So I actually have 3 CDC cards. I was in a vaccine trial for Astra-Zeneca back in 2020, and when the test was unblinded, I founded out that I had gotten the vaccine and received a vaccine card showing 2 shots.

I also have a regular CDC card for the Moderna vaccine. It has the first and second shot, then a booster (scrunched down at the bottom) and a second card showing my 2nd booster.

So do I show them all? Or just the 2 Moderna cards? I don't want to confuse anyone, especially in Germany, but I also don't want to hide anything. Or maybe I should bring the AZ cards but only show the Moderna? I may be (and probably am) making too much otu of this but any help would be appreciated.

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I would not show two different sets unless asked. I would go with the Moderna set.

PS No dumb questions here. There may be someone else with the same question that will benefit from you asking it here.

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I think most places require the main series and the booster, so the card that shows that - 3 moderna shots total in your case - should work. As of right now I’m not aware of a 4th booster being required anywhere but of course in the future it may be. I’d keep those two cards together in a card protector or baggie but only show the 3 shot one. That satisfies all requirements, I don’t see any reason to confuse matters with multiple cards when one will do.

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Not sure when your trip is or when your shots were, but be aware that some countries (Switzerland and Austria for example) do have expiration dates on the booster. So, if you plan any day trips to Switzerland or Austria, you will want to have proof of that 2nd booster if your 1st booster is older than 270 days.

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Thanks, all! That makes sense!

Carrie, my trip takes place in 2 weeks and I'm flying to Germany, which has no expiration date on the booster. Regardless, I just got my 2nd booster 3 days ago so I think I'm good there. :)

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I have had all four shots from Moderna vaccine, two vaccinations and two boosters. When I went for my first booster it was recorded on the back of my initial vaccination card. When I went for the second booster the nurse told me that they were not to record them on the back, so she took my card from me and recorded all four shots on the first side, recopying the data from the first two shots and initial booster as well as my second booster. Although I hadn’t asked her to do this, this does make it much easier for me to present my vaccination card.

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Patricia, that's nice! My Modern vaccine card (the first one) has the first 3 shots all scrunched onto the first page (nothing on the 2nd), and the 4th shot is on a separate card. I didn't even think to ask them to consolidate it all. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

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I agree with what everyone has said. The Moderna card will do the trick.

(As an aside, that is so cool you participated in the AZ trial ! Thank you !)

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The new normal seems to be 3 shots, so if you can show that, you should be OK

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Having just shown my CDC cards many times during two weeks in Italy, I can state that no one actually studied the card very closely.
Think they are mostly just looking for three entrys on the card. No one seemed impressed that we had four.
Keep it simple.