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Please stay on topic when talking about Covid policies

Several threads have been deleted by the Webmaster because posters are veering off topic when discussing masking and testing. I know it's easy to do and I've been guilty of it myself but could we all please keep the rules of the forum in mind when posting? I hate losing threads and some of them have good information in them.

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You make a good point. In addition, absolutely no one changes their mind about how they feel on these issues based on what others post. It ends up being a rant. While I totally understand the need to rant sometimes, this may not be the place to do it.

I think information vs. telling the world how you feel is important. We need information.
I want to know if policies change. I want to know how policies are impacting fellow travelers as they are traveling and what they are doing to deal with unexpected roadblocks.

There is practical information on what to do if...... that is important. It can get lost in a sea of comments or off-topic posts and this is evident by the number of people who ask the same questions because they can't find the information.

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plus one for both ladies just above me

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Getting close to leaving on a trip, and I have really appreciated the posts sharing specific “what to do” scenarios for Covid tests, positive test results, etc.

Agree - just need the facts, not all of the various opinions. 😉👍

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Yes I agree with the previous. I have an upcoming trip to Europe next mnth and realizing some threads I found helpful….are missing? I am not the only one then that finds the information/experience useful…opinions not so much.

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Facts: The airline mask mandate ruling came down about an hour before the departure of my overnight Delta transatlantic flight. The purser asked everyone to cooperate with the mask rule at the beginning of the flight. She greeted us this morning, though, with an announcement before breakfast that the flight attendants would be serving breakfast without masks after receiving an e-mail from corporate making masks optional.