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Hello all,
I’ve decided to pick up some N95 masks for my trip next week. Any suggestions?

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I wore the 3M Aura N95s when I went to France in the Fall. I got them at my local Home Depot. If you go to the Home Depot website and pick the store closest to you that has them in stock, it will give you an aisle and bin number which makes it much easier to zip in and out.

I took 34 with me for my trip and wore a new one every day. I like these because they are cut down a little lower under my glasses and I can really clamp down on the nose piece for a tight seal. A friend got them on my recommendation and she and her husband do not like them so it's good to try them out ahead of time and see if they work for your face.

No connection to either 3M or Home Depot. Was just looking for a US made product that I could go pick up and not have to get shipped.

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Thanks, Pam! I will check my local store. My boys all got a severe flu (literally right after flu shots- Hubby and I didn’t catch it) and it definitely seemed like Covid. I was convinced that I would have to cancel the trip!
So needless to say, I am changing plans (double mask to N95) particularly for the plane ride.

There’s way too many options on Amazon and it’s hard to tell which ones are best!

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You might want to check out I’ve gotten KN95s from them, and they also have N95.

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Well, total yuck on the flu/whatever!

If they are going with you, you might see if your local Walgreens has the BiNaxNow OTC Covid tests. You can do a covid test on them now to make sure they are negative for your test right before your travel date. IF they actually had covid they may test positive even though they are no longer infectious. Your nose can continue to shed the virus for up to 3 months.

I am not trying to scare you or freak you out. I do want you to be informed. I think the N95s are a good idea. I was anxious about testing positive for the return home so wore them the whole month I was there even outside where they were not required. It made me feel less worried.

With deliveries the way they are right now, I'm not sure I'd risk ordering online for a trip next week. You may be in an area where deliveries are easier than in N. Idaho, lol!!

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I've been wearing the Powecom KN95s with ear loops, recommended the Wirecutter article linked above. They fit me well and don't fog up my glasses if I adjust the nosepiece carefully. I'd recommend ear loops over back-of-head loops because they make the mask much easier to put on and take off. (I still have to be careful not to dislodge my hearing aids though.) I got mine online but you may need to work faster than that.

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We buy both the Powecom KN95’s from Bonafidemasks (the authorized distributor) and the NIOSH-approved Respokare N95 from Wellbefore. I prefer this one but it is currently out of stock. The manufacturer is Innonix and it is on the CDC approved list:

The Respokare comes in sizes and Wellbefore is the only source I know that offers all 3 sizes. Many sellers do not state the size, but when I fought from them it was always Medium. That is fine for me (I am petite) but Medium is too small for most adults. So once I found Wellbefore, I buy Large for my husband and medium for myself. With head loops, they fit tightly to one’s face and can be snugged up under glasses to keep them from fogging. (It works for me).

Watch out if you want to buy the Respokare, as I see companies offering them without stating the size, or inflating the price. They should be around $3 each. This company is selling them in packs of 30 for $259 (!) (over $8.50 each) , without even stating the size. I bought a few from them early on, and they were indeed Medium. They also claim to be an “exclusive retailer”, which they are not.

This company at least offers them in sizes, but still charges more than they should ($4.50 each). I am posting it because it describes the anti-viral properties of this mask (apparently copper and zinc ions that inactivate the virus).

The Powecom masks with ear loops are uncomfortable for my husband, and do not fit as tightly to my face, so I use them for grocery shopping but not for airports and flights.

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Lowe's is carrying Lola's Respokare N95 masks in medium.