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KN 95 Masks Requires for Trains in Italy?

Are KN 95 masks still requires on trains in Italy as of July 10th?


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Last I knew, yes, best to carry some, can buy there as well.

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Face masks were required on Italian trains a month ago, however I don't know about now. And not everyone were using the KN95's. They are hot to use in the summer, however they do give better filtration than the cheap masks we most often see.

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I subscribe to an on-line Italian newspaper. This is the info I see. I was in Italy for most of the month of June and rode a lot of trains. KN95 masks were required and for the most part, everyone was wearing them. The train conductors were checking tickets on almost all trains and also emphasizing the requirement to wear the KN95 type masks. Also, I attended a couple of music classical concerts indoors, and both of them required them to be worn the entire time we were inside the venue.

“Speranza, who is known for taking a cautious line when it comes to managing the pandemic, also decided in mid-June to the keep the requirement to wear masks on public transport in place throughout the summer.”

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Yes, they are still required, we were on one just a few days ago. They walked through and checked as well as made announcements. 99% of people had them on before announcements, etc.