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If one of us tests positive in Italy . . . .

Is Paxlovid available? I assume we would see a doctor to get a prescription.

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Yes, it is available in Italy but you are mandated to quarantine for 5 days and my understanding is they WILL follow up. See here

FWIW, we saw excellent compliance with masking on trains and buses in Italy the past couple of weeks. We are now in Switzerland where it seems to be the land the pandemic forgot. It is 2019 all over again! Kinda nice, a little scary, and people are expected be individually responsible, to practice good judgement, and not go out if they are sick.

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Just another data point - I was in Italy the last two weeks and also for three weeks in June. In June almost everyone was following the requirements for the stricter masks on trains, etc. Most of my locations were in northern Italy.

This recent trip, there were a lot of blue masks or no masks on public transportation, especially in the more popular cities and the Amalfi Coast. It wasn’t unusual to see masks being used as chin straps, too.

So, it’s good to be prepared. ; )