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I have cold symptoms on a RS tour

I started developing cold symptoms yesterday. I have a cough and headache. I stayed isolated from the group today and sent my friend for a Covid ag rapid home test. I tested negative, but I’m probably contagious with a cold. I’m declining the group dinner tonight. Tomorrow we are back on the bus wearing masks. Should I inform the tour guide?

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Yes. I am glad you tested negative. You may want to test again today to confirm the negative. You should definitely let your tour guide know.

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Those rapid tests have a high rate of false negatives so please do another test. Also, if someone on your tour is immunocompromised, that person may want to be sure to keep his or her distance from you, What may be a common cold for you may turn into a more serious infection for an immunocompromised person. Get well soon.

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With the later variants, the instructions in the rapid test to swab the nostrils mean that there are more false negatives, because these variants tend to concentrate in the saliva at first. So, it is now recommended to swab the cheeks and gums or throat before swabbing the nostrils. Did you do that? If not, consider testing again and doing that.

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Could it be allergies?
I see you are in Greece on your tour (from your posting history).
I went on RS Best of England tour a couple of years ago, and encountered several plants I was allergic to.
When someone is coughing and sneezing, it's not always contagious; sometimes it's an allergy.
Sinus pain gave me a headache, also.

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Yes. Perhaps your hotel knows someone who will come to the hotel to administer a PCR test and be able to text the results soon afterward.

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Hi, Gail!
Julianne here.

Yes, it is important to let your guide know that you are not feeling well even though you tested negative for covid. They can help you find cold medicine and make sure you are feeling alright. They can also help you get another test to ensure it is negative, as people have said above.

Please let your guide know!

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In fairness to your fellow tour mates you need to tell your guide!

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The trees are blooming and spreading pollen around the Mediterranean right now. But keep testing.
I have the same thing, but I'm negative, too. I hope you can take some allergy medicine and enjoy your trip--but keep testing to be sure and reassure everyone else.

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Gail can you update us? I surely hope you are ok and those you are with!? Such a concern this causes….!

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Keep testing. You could have covid but your immune system is keeping the viral load down. If you continue to test negative for a few days you probably have a cold.

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Tell your guide and follow the guides directions for the tour; and if it would make you feel better go to a clinic get checked out and do, and worry about, only what the doctor says to concern yourself with. Enjoy the trip.

By the way, sun cane out, it got a bit warmer in Budapest last week and the pollen hit a lot of folks, same symptoms ... or its COVID?

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Poster has now started another thread stating she tested positive on 4/11 and is currently in quarantine.

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Gail just posted that she is quarantining in Napflio as she is positive for covid.

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My entire family traveling together (6 of us) are all positive for covid. Three of us were able to leave as we were negative at first, but we turned positive when we got home. The other 3 are stuck until they test negative. The bottom line is that the world may be “over” covid, but when it happens to your family, especially during travel and away from home, it’s very “real”!!! And, we had several negative antigen tests before the positive ones, the tests are not fool proof, especially in the beginning of the infection!