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Hotel services during Covid

We are eagerly preparing for our RS Athens and the Heart of Greece tour beginning March 7th. Our first tour hotel is Hotel Hera and we will be arriving a few days in advance of the tour. The hotel's website lists the protocols that have been instituted in response to Covid. I'm wondering what the experience of travelers who have recently been to Europe regarding things like hotel breakfast, maid service, luggage storage, etc. Have there been many changes?

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I haven't been to Greece since September, but even then it was all pretty normal. You'll wear a mask indoors. At breakfast you may get a glove for the buffet, or a plastic bag to store your mask at your table. Have a great time.

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In November, in Italy, of the 3 places that normally served breakfast: one, a small B&B in Venice was not offering breakfast; another, a largish hotel in Florence was offering breakfast during 3 timed seatings that had to be booked in advance; the third, a medium-sized hotel in Verona, had the staff bring your food to the table instead of having the usual buffet.

Maid service and luggage storage were as usual.

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full breakfast is back, maid service is spotty, luggage storage and other services are back to normal.

hotels are a bit understaffed so don't expect the same level of room service, cleaning or towel changes etc. i think many hotels are using covid as an excuse to reduce services/costs and make up for loss of staff.

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We were in three hotels in Italy in November, so not too recent, but I'll share our experience anyway. One had an order-off-the-menu breakfast. The other two had buffets, but staff members did all the serving after the guests indicated what they wanted. No coffee station or any other self-service areas. One hotel had full maid service, the other two had reduced service upon request (e.g., fresh towels). All three had luggage storage. We stayed at the Hera Hotel in Athens on an independent trip to Greece a few years ago. You are going to love it! It's in a wonderful location and has a beautiful open rooftop bar and restaurant. The breakfast room is lovely too. Have a great tour!

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Some places where I have stayed won’t come into your room to service it during your stay, but clean towels and more tea, coffee etc can be had from reception. There are fewer staff sat on reception but someone is available if you press the bell. There is hand sanitizer everywhere and masks are expected.

I prefer not to eat breakfast in hotels.