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Have some Covid test requirements been dropped

I just checked the United Airlines Travel Ready page it it looks like no Covid test is required for entry to Italy or Germany if your Nationality is listed as United States and you are completely vaccinated and boosted within the past 270 days. Can anyone confirm if the testing requirements just changed as of today 3/1/2022? If so, Yippee!

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Most countres in Europe have dropped arrival testing for vaccinated Americans. Not all......but most. But, as always recommended, keep an eye on this. They can return.

Crossing borders should be easier.

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I just looked at the criteria for Germany, since we are supposed to arrive there on 3/21. I don’t see the U.S. as a country that has been approved for non-essential travel. Am I missing something?

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Doesn't look like UA has made the full change yet. Traveling to Italy end of month and following still shows in the Travel Ready - Covid Requirements section:

What is accepted at your destination: Italy
Your destination accepts one of the following requirements. The requirements provided are based on the Nationality you provided. Countries may have different requirements for different Nationalities.
A negative COVID-19: See Additional Requirements

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Andrea, if you have had three shots you can enter Germany for non essential travel.

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Great news! What a relief. One less thing to worry about. Thank you all for the replies!

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I would also keep an eye on that less than 270 days since booster requirement. I was boosted in October and am rapidly approaching 150 days.

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Eric: It actually says: "certificate of completing full course of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days and at most 270 days before departure unless holding a booster dose." I guess I didn't read that last part. All good news to me!

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Switzerland has dropped most restrictions for US citizens but not all as they have US classified as 3rd country nationals.

Their vaccine requirements say you can enter Switzerland with CDC card provided your LAST dose is WITHIN 270 days of arrival…..last dose includes your booster shot.

We are on RS BO Switzerland tour 7/3…our boosters were October 2021…depending on the day of booster….one of us can not enter Switzerland and the other’s vaccine validity ‘expires’ 7/12/2022 according to

So we are still waiting to see if this changes…otherwise we will not be able to take this tour:(

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See the response above your post. The 270 days does not apply to the booster shot, only to the original if you are not boosted.

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Bob…that is incorrect…

From the Swiss Minister of Migration:

Dear Madams,

According to the actual restrictions, US citizens can enter (from the USA, which is considered to be a high-risk country) for tourism purposes only if vaccinated with an authorised vaccine (like Moderna).

The vaccine must have been administered in full within the past 270 days. Proof of vaccination may take the form of a COVID-19 certificate. If the certificate has not yet been introduced, vaccination must be proven by another suitable document. This must contain the following information
§ Surname, first name(s)
§ Date of birth
§ Date of vaccination,
§ Vaccine used

In your case, you’re considered vaccinated until the 29th of June 2022 (traveller 1) or 12 July 2022 (traveller 2).

Unfortunately, at the date of the entry to Switzerland (according to the actual rules), traveller 1 would no more be considered as vaccinated. Entry would not be allowed.

My email to him specified our 3 doses - 2 primary - taken 1/1/2021 & 2/4/2021… the 3rd shot was our booster taken 10/2/2021 & 10/15/21.