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FFP2 masks versus KN95

I use KN95 masks. Sources state they are structured very similar to FFP2 masks that some European countries cite as required. Has anyone got hassled for wearing a KN95 in Europe? How strict are they about using a FFP2 instead of a KN95?

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I don't think you'll have any problem with KN 95. I wore one in Germany for ten days and saw them on many other people.

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What European countries are currently citing a certain kind of mask? Which ones are you going to? It is not that strict. The rules are always changing based on outbreaks. And it is easy to buy them there at the grocery next to the candy at checkout for example

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Anywhere an FFP2 is required, a KN95 would be accepted.

I know that Italy was requiring FFP2s, I don't know if they still are.

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Every place I checked that was requiring FFP2 mask accepted both KN95 and KF94. They are all pretty much the same. They just wanted something better than cloth and plain surgical masks.

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No problem in Italy. FFp2 are required for public transportation and other things, but KN95 can be worn as well

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Last year Austria required FFP2, basically same as KN95 which we wore no problem

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"It's not very comfortable to wear N95 for a long period of time."

I think it depends on the shape of the N95 plus the shape of your face and nose. Last Fall I wore the N95 for nearly 24 hours with a break for a meal on the airplane. This was from the time I walked into my departure terminal (Spokane) thru both flights, thru CDG to taxi and to the hotel. The room wasn't ready so we went out for a walk and I kept it on.

I was highly motivated and did not want to test positive so I wore the mask more than was required at that time in France.

I do suggest trying different brands and styles if you think you are going to have to wear them for an extended period of time.


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Thanks everyone!
Yeah I have been wearing KN95 since the start of Covid. I am an RN and saw the writing on the wall from the beginning. Straight N95 are very uncomfortable to wear. KN95 are doable.