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Experience with Belgium’s Quarantine?

Has anyone been to Belgium recently? If I’m reading it correctly- fully vaccinated travelers no longer need a test to enter the country. But, they do need to test on day 1 and quarantine until a negative result. Can this be a rapid test in a pharmacy and you’re good to go right away? Or is this a test with a longer result time?

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We've been having a discussion on the Belgium forum concerning this subject and after we've all read conflicting information from "official sources" none of us are totally sure, lol.

I've got myself cued up to message the FB page for the Belgium Embassy in the US on Tuesday (they are closed today for President's Day, lol!!) and ask. THEIR website says you still need an antigen test and quarantine until the results are in.

When I read the official government page it seems to me this says we do not need to be tested or quarantined:

The US meets the guidelines of not being on the white list and not being on the Very High Risk country list.

All rather confusing. There is a link in the other thread to the Trip Advisor forum for Belgium which I am following daily as well.

You are welcome to join us on there for information as any of us get it, lol.

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Thanks Pam! I’ll start following that thread. Let’s hope we get some clarity soon