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EU Passenger locator Form

Flying tomorrow..I filled out EU-PLF for both my husband &I but one date/time just would not take and I accidentally didn’t use 24 hr time on the other form. So frustrated I just submitted them and received QR codes, but now I’m a little nervous the errors will be a problem. Should I redo them? Thanks

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No, don't redo them. Your good. No one closely examines them, no one at the airline will probably even ask for them, except to ask if you did them. No one at immigration will ask for them. You submitted them, they were accepted, the only purpose they serve is as additional information for contact tracing if there was a problem on a flight, and the airline will notify the country with flight information and names if there was a problem. Your first nights address and traveling companions is probably the most pertinent information on the form. After a couples days there, the information is basically obsolete.

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Thanks so much, Paul! You really reassured me. I’ve been so anxious about all the hoops since our original trip was cancelled in January when we tested positive. BTW I’m originally from near Iowa City! I appreciate your reply! Donna