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EU Digital COVID Certificate/QR Code for Americans

Hello, I know that we Americans can use our CDC cards in Europe as proof of vaccination and boosterfication. Which is great and my plan. However, I recall reading some information that Americans visiting various European countries have been able to obtain the QR code/Green Pass by visiting a pharmacy and presenting . . . ? If fellow travelers have done this I'm curious to know: 1) how you achieved this--what data did you need to present to obtain the code and was this done at a pharmacy? 2) is it worth doing? Thanks for any direction or feedback. Donnie

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This is country specific and changing all the time. Where will you enter Europe? Have you looked at that country’s government site to find out what they offer/require for tourists?

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Yes, I've been all over the information. I'm headed to Greece in March and have kept up with the changes. I was just curious if it made sense to try to obtain the QR code for the Green Pass because it was "handier" to have or "easier" to use. I am also going to Italy in the fall. Donnie