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Entry to Italy EUDPLF, What else is needed?

Hey there,
This question may already be answered, but I scrolled a bit couldn't find anything. My fiance and I are landing in Milan in June for our honeymoon. We filled out the EU Digital Passenger Locator Forms. We are both vaccinated and have our cards. Is there anything else we need to have ready for arrival? I was seeing somewhere that we'd need to have a negative COVID test performed 72 hours before we land. Which we can absolutely make happen, just need to know that we need to make arrangements because we are going to be getting married a day and a half before we leave. A lot of stuff happening.
Any clarity and advice from those who have made a similar journey recently would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Old rules. At this time just proof of vaccinations and eu-dlf. Waiting to board dl to Rome at this moment. They just announced EVERYONE needs paper boarding pass and their temperature taken prior to boarding. Every moment is an adventure


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daviddaniele, I went to the State Department website, and they discuss the green pass and that is needed for restaurants. Since you will have a wedding you may want to consider applying for one. I'll be traveling to Italy in November, the tour company (Viking) is requiring the Super Green Pass. We will be spending some time in hotels, before our cruise so I will pursue this. This was a requirement in January. I have no past experience.

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Only Europeans can get a Super Green Pass. You cannot apply to get one in the US. American's just use their Covid card to get into museums, etc. And that requirement may go away in a month.

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The rules change regularly, so what's in place today may be different in June.
I just returned from Italy, flying United. United has a 'travel ready' process that explains all the necessary documentation. I was unable to upload the EUDPLF until 72 hours before the flight. I also needed to upload a copy of my CDC vaccination card.
All restaurants and sites I visited where OK with a photo of my CDC vaccination card I have on my phone showing that I vaccinated and boosted. However, the requirement to show a vaccination card was dropped April 1.
Even though I uploaded everything again for the return to the US, I was required to show my CDC vaccination card and negative Covid test results to get into the check in desk area. I showed the vaccination card and my passport to board the flight.
At this time, Italy required an N95-type mask when inside public sites. KN-95 also works or it's European equivalent, FFP2.

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The regs are changing all the time now. You really need to check back in May to see what the current requirements are.

I was asked for my Green Pass this week (after April 1) at Rome restaurants. Boarding for my flight home day before yesterday, everyone had to be wearing the FFP2/N95 mask.