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Eastern Europe and Covid restrictions

Signed up for the Rick Steves Best of Eastern Europe for May . Does anyone know if you currently have to have negative covid tests going between countries of Czech Rep, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovania or as that been an issue in the past ? We are fully vaccinated AND boosted and recently got Covid from another fully vaccinated individual who didn't know they were sick, so it can happen . And if you do test positive, it is your responsibility to find a place to quarantine?

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Rick Steves is your best source of information on closures and requirements. Call the office. If there are surges and closures in one or more countries on the tour, I think the tour might be canceled A lot can change between now and May. I’m booked on the RS Poland tour May. 10-19 and plan to arrive in Poland on May 5. Fingers crossed!

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None of us know what the conditions/requirements will be a month from now, let alone a few months. That said, after 6 RS tours, I would trust the RS office to provide the help/information when it is known for a particular tour.

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We are on that same tour but in June. Right now, I have no worries. Why? Because it is 6 months away and things are going to change a lot. There is no point worrying about now when it will absolutely change, and most likely multiple times. RS will let you need to know as they do.

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I think what you do right now is kind of pay attention and look but don’t start worrying or panicking. If it’s going to require a lot of testing I’m sure that the tour will let you know, if not you’ll be fine but I wouldn’t even start worrying about it.

I have a trip to Europe booked for March and I do not plan to start really focusing on what I need to do Covid wise until February. I know what’s going on right now and I’m paying attention but nothing I can do right now in February I’ll evaluate the situation and see if they’ll actually let me in the country